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Purchased a new vehicle but dealership tried to deliver a showroom vehicle

Posted on 2011-12-01

This is an incident dated back on October 2011 but I feel it should be beneficial to the online community and the people who are planning to buy vehicles from this particular dealership - Acura of North Toronto.

We visited the dealership on October 11, 2011 planning to purchase an Acura RDX 2012 /w Tech Package.

There was a vehicle in the showroom that matches the description of what we are looking for. (model, color, add-on packages)

We were dealing with the sales personnel Ricky Pang and Renato Jao.

When finalizing the purchase order, the manager Renato Jao mentioned "why don't you just get the showroom vehicle since it's exactly the same." And we clearly mentioned no we don't want the showroom vehicle. 

Because of that comment, before leaving the dealership we took a photo of the VIN number of the showroom vehicle, which is: 5J8TB1H55CA800032

We paid the deposit and the dealership has told us that it'd take 2-3 weeks for my vehicle to arrive the dealership.

About 2 weeks later, Ricky Pang called and told us the car is ready. So we went to the dealership on the same day to pick up the vehicle. 

Once when we were at the dealership, we realized the car they were trying to give to us had identical VIN number as the photo we took few weeks earlier. The car they were trying to give to us were indeed the showroom vehicle.

They said they will look into it and we left the dealership. 

On November 1, 2011, Ricky Pang called and said they made a mistake on the car, and said the showroom vehicle with VIN# 5J8TB1H55CA800032  was sold to someone else and my vehicle has the VIN# 5J8TB1H52CA800778, which is set to be ready for pick up by November 8, 2011.

At this point we knew exactly what happened but the dealership did not admit their fraudulent actions. (If we were to purchase a showroom vehicle we would have asked for additional discounts) We knew:

- Acura of North Toronto was trying to give to us the showroom vehicle more than 2 weeks after the sale date, when we specifically told them we don't want the showroom vehicle.

- Acura of North Toronto made us wait for more than 2 weeks and lied to us saying the car is being imported from United States to Canada. 

- Acura of North Toronto tried to cover up their actions by saying (lying) they made a mistake on delivering the vehicles, that the showroom car was sold to someone else and our car was indeed purchased and shipped from the United States to their dealership. 

We confronted the dealership and said the following points:

- If vehicle with VIN#5J8TB1H55CA800032 was sold to someone else, when we pull vehicle history and abstract from Ministry of Transportation, the vehicle should have been registered to someone else.

- If vehicle with VIN#5J8TB1H52CA800778 was indeed sold to me from the beginning, when we pull the vehicle history and abstract from Ministry of Transportation, the vehicle should have been registered to us and dated some time in October 2011. 

The dealership did not admit their actions.

None of the above statements checked out, of course. 

- The vehicle with VIN#5J8TB1H55CA800032  was registered to my name
- The vehicle with VIN#5J8TB1H52CA800778  was registered to my name after the discovery of the incident. 

After submitting complaints to various channels, the General Manager of Acura of North Toronto, Phil Martiniello, called and apologized. 

We consider showroom vehicles "used".  
People who purchase vehicles from this dealership should be cautious in terms of the vehicles they receive. 

To the person who purchased an Acura RDX 2012 with VIN#5J8TB1H55CA800032, you've bought a showroom vehicle if you are not aware of it.

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[2011-12-14] From: Phil Martiniello 
Sent: December 14, 2011 7:25 AM
To: [email protected]
Cc: 'Phil Martiniello'
Subject: Acura of North Toronto, Mr Aaron Lee
Hi Aaron,

Thanks for speaking with me this morning and for bringing to my attention the concerns you had with your sales experience in October/November. With your feedback we are able to learn and grow and work to make changes to improve our operation. I was very disappointed to learn of the mistakes our team made and have investigated and reprimanded those involved.  Further, I sincerely apologize for the negative experience you had and the stress it caused. Moving forward, If there is any help we can offer in the future to improve your current Acura ownership experience please call or email me directly and I would be pleased to assist.


Best regards and happy holidays.




Phil Martiniello

General Manager

Acura of North Toronto

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